EDUCATED FOOLS OR FOOLISHLY EDUCATED ?? ‘Educated fools’ is the first opinion that comes to my mind when I see people talking on their mobile phones and walking like in a garden while crossing heavy traffic roads. I always wonder whether it is the height of commitment or sheer ignorance that makes some people to … Continue reading


AWARENESS  ATTENTION: Please avoid putting on your earphones while you are on the road/while driving. This is dangerous to your life as well as others’. You can listen to the FM later but make sure you hear the honking of vehicles first. Don’t risk your life for some music. There has been increasing number of … Continue reading


    HONKING MANNERS This is one of the best ways to develop patience. When you are stranded in a traffic jam or at a signal waiting for it to turn green just develop the habit of forgiving everything and everyone. But never honk unnecessarily. Nobody wants to stay in the mess but it is some obstacle … Continue reading