This write up is just an experience I have had over the last ten months. The opinions derived here are based solely on my experience. I don’t intend to create any conflict of interests with anybody and I hope this article will make people, who are like me, think out of the box.

                 Problems are an integral part of life. Accept this fact like you accept your very gender. When you accept it, you will derive almost bulk of the courage needed to fight that problem. The more you grow anxious about the problem the tougher it will be for you to face. The reason many people cripple due to problems is because of their inability or stubbornness to accept the situation. You put in a lot of effort and eventually you may not get the desired result. And when you don’t get it, you tend to criticize everything under the sun. The first thing everyone does is blaming the system. Of course, there may be a huge flaw in the system. There is. But that should not bother you. You did the work according to your wish and you must be able to accept the consequences too. If you can’t fight then just join in. But we do something else. We become angry and spill it on every person around us, inviting more problems for ourselves. Anger should be a positive emotion. We should not let it burn us.

                 In my engineering, I failed in more than 15 subjects and instead of completing the course in four years; I dragged it to six. That precisely means, I lost two academic years. Anybody in this world could imagine how much angry I would be.  I was blaming everything on this earth. Relations with my family and friends were going haywire. I never lost trust in me but when the most trusted people lost trust in me, I lost it too. However, the very problem was with me. My lack of maturity, inability to accept the situation and stubbornness in responding to the crisis did me in. I was not living in the present but in the past. Eventually, I had to spend one year in home doing nothing and just studying for the failed subject. This was killing for me. Any middle class failed student can imagine how the situation would be. A career in which I was supposed to come out in flying colors actually turned bitter for me. When I was watching my classmates move ahead of me, I was actually dying slowly. However, that one year also proved to be a turning point for me. That is when I made up my mind to transform myself, transformation which would make me accept some facts and live in the present. I was searching for a source of inspiration. And I found that source in a book, Krishna- The man and his philosophy. This book, defining and describing Lord Krishna, was an eye opener for me. I would rather say the book brought me into the present, this very time. There is one golden thought which I learnt from the book and would like to share it. You are dead for the past and not yet born for the future. The time is NOW, which is real and relevant. Live in it. The book explains about what Lord Krishna is in reality. A detail about his method of living and it is simply amazing. I will suggest everyone to read it and this is the right time to do it.

                      Now, having transformed, I am seeing life with a new perspective. There is so much to see, so much to experience in the journey called life. Of course, some people may not get the opportunity to live to the maximum because of some  culture based restrictions but they can definitely feel the presence of a new energy and enthusiasm in living life. When you feel it, your performance in life automatically goes up. You will not feel the pain due to the efforts you put into anything.

                 The fact is that when you learn to live in the present you actually start doing things which are required to be done in the present. That is when the problems start losing their control on us. But many people do something different. They cry over their bad fate and instead of correcting their lives, they worry about their futures and spoil it more. Why should we worry so much about the future when it is the present which does most of the damage?  Nobody has control over the future. So why worry over something which we can’t control? The present can be controlled and should be. On the contrary, one must also learn to dream. Dreams provide a person with something to create and execute. However, without problems there is no joy in living.  

                   Based on my reasonable knowledge, many people, mostly young, complain that there is not much happening in their lives. They study well, complete their degree in time and start working and struggle to make a better tomorrow. But when that tomorrow comes they continue to struggle for the next tomorrow and further. This is not going to end. Which is that ‘tomorrow’ they will actually live? That will never come for them. Eventually, they settle in their lives and struggle harder to make their children’s futures. Now, in such cases, most people are left with zero scope for living sometime for themselves. What they finally do is repenting over the lost enthusiasm in life. Precisely speaking, this is not which people do but it happens on its own. The pitiful thing is that nobody will get to live the life again. However, if you accept everything that comes your way and keep moving ahead, without blaming the person or the system, you will find that there is so much happening in life. Your life becomes unpredictable. Let me tell you one thing. If the life is predictable then there is no fun in living. You know before hand what is going to happen in your tomorrow. In this point of view, I am happy to say that I keep my life unpredictable. I am not saying that you must never fight for justice. You should. But never think from heart in such cases. Think from brain. Unpredictability brings surprises. Surprises may be negative or positive. But, they definitely are interesting. One may have dedicated his life to the people but one must also learn to live sometime for himself/herself. This is not being selfish but one of the appreciative attitudes of life.

                 People having no interest or commitment in doing something, complain about lack of time. Time never is free for you but you must take it out. There is one more thing which is quite common. Many people work hard and fail to get the desired result. That is when they blame their bad luck. Of course, luck plays a very important role but there is a least accepted fact too. The fact is that, the harder you work, luckier you get. You work hard and leave everything else to the unknown force, which is referred to as God.

                  All I like to do is suggest everyone to live life in the present and fully. Nothing is more beautiful than living in the present because nobody is sure when they are going to meet their ends. This doesn’t mean that you must stop thinking and planning. No. They are two of the most essential qualities in a human being.


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