‘Educated fools’ is the first opinion that comes to my mind when I see people talking on their mobile phones and walking like in a garden while crossing heavy traffic roads. I always wonder whether it is the height of commitment or sheer ignorance that makes some people to do such things. I recently came across an incident which I would like to share with the world.

My brother and I were returning home late night, when we came across an incident whose after effects were quite unusual. It was around 9 pm and were driving home through the Old Airport Road, which is one of the busiest roads in Bangalore. A Maruti Suzuki Ritz speeding from behind, overtook us in a flash. The relative velocity was high in that case. However, in a matter of seconds we could hear a loud screeching sound as the driver of that Ritz applied brakes at a distance of about 300 m ahead of us. We grew cautiously curious to see what happened. A female ( probably in her late 20s), talking on her mobile and  ignoring the traffic, had come shockingly close to death in front of that Ritz. The driver, stopping the car by the side, came out  ( my god ! The driver was a female too) and slapped that girl. Soon the traffic jammed slightly and there was a small crowd that gathered at the scene. We did not stop to look what else happened there. However, I feel whatever happened to that foolish girl was correct. Idiot people like her, deserve the same treatment.

Talking on mobile phones while on road is becoming a nuisance everywhere. Today, when even the footpaths are not safe, since two-wheelers drive on pavements to steer past the traffic at a signal, forget about the roads. I personally feel, young women are more addicted to talking on mobile phones on roads. Though men are more likely to behave erratically, the scenario is different today. Ladies first !!!

I once again tell you that listening to music or talking on phones while on road could prove very dangerous and sometimes even fatal. If you do such nuisance stuffs and you are unharmed so far, then consider yourself lucky. But you never know when luck turns sour.



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