Mr. Xavier Porter, the owner of the Empyrean Villa bungalow, had died in a car accident on the night of January 10. The car had rammed into a tree. Initial investigations about the accident revealed that Mr. Porter was perfectly in his senses while driving. Moreover, the car did not seem to have involved in an accident except some minor damages to the front exterior of the car, which looked like a manual act done just to make it seem like an accident.

Mr. Porter, after his wife’s death, lived alone in the bungalow, which was located in the posh Defence Colony, Thomas Town in southern Kolkata. As per Mr. Porter’s last will and testament, the ownership of the property rightfully went to his next of kin and only daughter Mary Porter. However, that was not easy as said. Mary’s husband Jonathan Vincent, along with his two accomplices, had an eye on the exquisite property, which in today’s market would fetch a staggering hundred million Indian rupees. His father-in-law’s death came as a surprise to Jonathan as he was very unaware about that. A week before Mr. Porter’s death, a bitter fight had started between Mary and Jonathan over the alleged property issue, which made her to leave him and move to her father’s residence. Jonathan wanted Mary to transfer her future ownership to him. This was not all. Mary was a budding criminal investigation lawyer herself who decided to nail the culprits involved in her father’s mysterious car accident. Jonathan knew about Mary’s intelligence and was not ready to leave any stone unturned in making a safe exit from the controversy.

The police suspected it to be a crime committed by Mr. Porter’s close ones for the expensive property. Police had cordoned off the bungalow, and had installed CCTVs in certain places inside it, which put the property under video surveillance. As the investigation was picking up pace, Mary was found murdered (on the night of January 13) in her bedroom. She was shot in her head by a 9mm Carbine rifle. The bullet had pierced through her bedroom window. The CCTV footages yielded nothing except Mary falling on the floor and blood oozing from her head. Jonathan (after watching the video footages) was in a fix, as he claimed he had no connection regarding her murder though he was involved in the race for the riches. His accomplices, when asked by Jonathan, denied any role in the tragic incident. Two deaths in duration of three nights and the police had no clue. A thorough investigation was on the cards. Delhi police sent Agent X to Kolkata to help the authorities crack the case.


The CID, along with police and Agent X, is working overnight to catch hold on the twin murder mystery.

The legal documents declaring the possession of the property was now in the custody of the police. The document did not mention who should become the legal owner of the property in case if there was no inheritor for it. Therefore, the CID took the possession tentatively until they solved the case. Now, Jonathan really terrified by the happenings, decided to accompany the police authorities in order to exit safely from the mayhem.

The post mortem report of Mr. Porter told a different story. The report made clear that he was strangled to death. However, there was no sign of any marks on his neck when X and the police had a first look of the deceased. Moreover, blood was dripping from his forehead as his head rested on the steering wheel. X was now able to construct a picture of the puzzling incident. He listed out the possibilities involved in Mr. Porter’s murder.

  • The culprits must have used a rope like thing made out of hard cloth (which leaves no marks on the neck) to strangle him to death.
  •  As far as blood was concerned, the culprits must have hit his forehead to make the authorities believe it was an accident.
  • He might have died due to cerebral damage.


X was now sure that nothing more than the listed possibilities could be responsible for his death.

“Why was he murdered that way?”

“They could have murdered him without any scope for ambiguity,” wondered X noting those points.

The CID summoned Jonathan to their office as a part of the investigation. Though the police suspected him, they however did not charge him with anything. The enquiries revealed that Jonathan, after the twin murders, was completely broke and had lost his mental control. He was not in his normal state of mind during the enquiry and the police though intrigued, had to leave Jonathan, as they had no strong evidence against him.

 The CID along with X achieved its first breakthrough when they caught hold of strong evidence, which helped in cracking the case of mysterious ‘accident’ of Mr. Porter.

 When the authorities scanned Mr. Porter’s laptop and his email account, they came across two messages in his mail inbox. Along with it the there was one draft mail. Of the two new messages, one was from Mr. Porter’s insurance agent and other appeared to be from his lawyer, which read  

 Good day Mr. Porter,

                                          Hope you are doing well. The court has scheduled a hearing tomorrow for the case you registered. There are some points to discuss regarding that. Kindly come down to my home at 9 pm tonight.


Sushanth Sharma

Ph: 9123 005640

 Mr. Porter’s lawyer had sent this mail in the afternoon (around four hours before Mr. Porter left his home for the visit), as he was not able to reach him (Mr. Porter) over phone, which now opened up a connection to the mystery.

 The CID, upon enquiring Mr. Sharma came to know that Mr. Porter had registered a case against a criminal lawyer named Vikram Das, who had physically assaulted Mary during her internship under him. However, this piece of information was told to Mr. Porter by one of Mary’s friends and well-wishers named Anna (with whom Mary shared her woes).

 Further enquiries also revealed that the infamous lawyer Vikram Das, in his late 40s, was a little insane (mentally unstable). He also engaged teenagers and involved those in some anti-social activities though neither the public nor the police knew of any such activities. He also had threatened Mary of dire consequences if she disclosed anything to anyone.

 Now, X was able to get most of the things before the CID did. The sixth sense worked for X as he could connect the missing links quite convincingly. According to him,

  1. Inexperienced people (teenagers hired by the infamous criminal lawyer) murdered Mr. Porter (and left behind number of clues) while he was coming back from his visit. (It could not have happened while going because considering his appointment, which was at 9 pm; Mr. Porter must have left at least an hour before which is still busy a time for such a crime).
  2. The laws against teenagers are not quite stringent which often made them to commit such crimes.
  3. The infamous lawyer murdered (or he may have hired someone to murder her) Mary, as he was growing insecure about his career thinking if his criminal activities went public.


The police on the other hand made a thorough search of Mary’s belongings where they found a diary, which was enough to get to the epicenter of the crime. She had a habit of writing a dairy of daily events in her life.

Excerpts from her diary

I, Mary Porter, have been working as an intern under Mr. Vikram Das for the past 10 months. During the whole of my tenure, I have come across my boss’ activities that are unacceptable under law. He is involved in drug trafficking, hiring minor criminals for threatening the opposition lawyers to lose against him and physical assaults (I am a victim myself). The person also has a fair number of underworld and political contacts. The reason I am not disclosing this is that I am threatened of dire consequences where my father’s life and my career is at risk. Hope Jesus pulls us out this soon.

The police, now having most of the details, launched a hunt for the infamous lawyer Das and they finally caught him in Shimla.

 Upon rigorous investigations, it was clear.

  • The twin murders were planned and executed by him through the inexperienced aspiring gangsters.
  • A 9mm Carbine rifle was used in Mary’s murder. A local sharp shooter was hired who shot Mary (while she was in her bedroom) from a distance of about 40 feet standing on the open deck of an adjacent building.
  • The infamous lawyer took advantage of his strong position and Mary’s weak mindedness (though an unlikely feature of criminal lawyers).   

 The lawyer admitted everything and the case neared end. It did not require much effort from the police to make him speak the truth.


The infamous criminal lawyer was sentenced life imprisonment.

The sharp shooter, who was charged with Mary’s murder and illegal arms possession, was sentenced a 10-year jail term

The three ‘inexperienced’ gangsters, who murdered Mr. Porter, were given a 7- year jail term.  

 As far as the expensive property was concerned, Jonathan, now a changed person, voluntarily donated it to a NGO for noble cause.

 X, though he was not directly involved in solving the case, helped the authorities arrive at the conclusion faster than thought. This added a feather to his cap.


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