Francis is popularly known (among the police and the forensic community) as Agent X. He is a brilliant person, in his late 20s and has an analytical mind with exceptional ability to connect the missing links to a solution. He has worked in tandem with the police in cracking numerous cases and therefore has earned the name Agent X. He does not have any formal training in cracking crimes but the authorities often hired him as he had a very strong problem solving ability with a reliable sixth sense, which very rarely went wrong. He used to come up with surprise clues and the police were often left astonished about his ability. This often helped the authorities crack the cases quickly which otherwise would take more time and energy. X’s identity was never disclosed to people and he was always a trump card. The community made him an anonymous citizen (an exceptional case) so that his skills would never be misused.


Full name : Rajiv Francis                                                                                                                                        

Age : 27

Marital Status : Single                                                                                                          

Profession : Scientist, Indian Forensic Research Center

Place : New Delhi

Height : 5’ 8”

Nationality : Indian

Complexion : Wheatish

Hair color : Brown

Languages known : English, Hindi, French, Spanish, Japanese

Hobbies : Exploring stuffs, leading an adventurous life.

Strengths : Dedication, Vast network

Skills : Excellent communication skills


                       Rajiv was born in Scotland but his roots belonged to India. His father was an Indian and mother Scottish. They were a middle class family and Rajiv was their only child. As a young kid, he was always interested in finding out reasons for everything that happened around him. His intuitive mind and eagerness was often appreciated by his parents and friends but never did they know that he possessed the uncanny ability to sense things the ‘sixth’ way. It was not very late when his teacher discovered it when Rajiv once happened to read his mind and tell exactly what the teacher was thinking. This had astonished the teacher. Rajiv read him on a couple of other occasions too. This made the teacher hint about Rajiv’s ability to his parents. Nevertheless, Rajiv, at the age of 15, hardly knew what the ‘sixth sense’ was but he was using it very regularly. He was growing up and without his information, his special skill was growing stronger with him.

One day Rajiv happened to sense an accident in his neighbor’s home (where the fuel supply to the stove was not switched off which could have resulted in an explosion) and he informed his parents about it. Acting on his words his parents responded appropriately, broke into their neighbor’s home, and ventilated it thoroughly after switching off the supply. Thus, they could save huge damage to life and property. After that incident, Rajiv realized he had something, which many people have but fail to recognize and he decided to make full use of it. He thoroughly studied about the magical sixth sense and experiments to strengthen it. However, Rajiv’s ability never got proper exposure until this happened.

He, at the age of 26, had completed his professional course in Medicine and had done a post graduation in Forensic Medicine. He now had two strong skills (expertise in Forensics with the combination of powerful sixth sense). Along with those skills he had earned a shooter’s license as shooting was something in which he took great interest since his teenage. One fine day he happened to come across a burglary in the most famous jewel shop in Delhi. Huge crowd had gathered at the crime scene as police had cordoned off the area. One of the culprits lay dead on the shop floor, which appeared mysterious, as the burglary had taken place after midnight and no security personnel was there to retaliate. The CCTV footages yielded nothing as the cameras had been broken. The information had reached the police only in the early morning. Yet one of the culprits was dead. There were droplets of Mercury around the dead body and there was no sign of any blood or injury. This intrigued Rajiv as well as the police. Rajiv had an instinct that, a person who knew well about the layout, plan, and other important details of the shop (location of cameras, the computer password) had committed the burglary. However, Rajiv managed to crack the mystery to some extent by catching hold on some clues. Having a forensic base, Rajiv could make out that heavy dose of Mercury (as the deceased had a discoloration of his lips and had developed a blue gum line) was used against the deceased. The dead person, according to Rajiv, was one of the close relatives of the shop owner. He was Rajiv’s friend and could recollect some key information, which the deceased had told him some months back. The deceased, aged around 30, was identified as Krishnan.

The owner was a very influential person and wanted the police to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and come out with the report at the earliest. Rajiv approached the police as a witness and narrated the scenario. According to him, the deceased had a craze for high-risk long gain. He wanted to collaborate with an influential builder (whose name Krishnan had mentioned in his talks) and make it big in the real estate sector as Delhi was booming in Realty then. Rajiv had met some of Krishnan’s friends; one of them owns a chemist shop in the downtown. As per Rajiv, the deceased along with his friends might have planned for the burglary. They must have provoked Krishnan to take that massive risk. Later, it might have happened that Krishnan’s allies did not want him to have a share in the gain as he was quite domineering and so they poisoned him with Mercury, whose high dose results in spot death. (His allies probably wanted to destroy the link to the shop owner thinking it might cause problems to their own gain in the future) One of Krishnan’s allies who owned a chemist shop must have brought Mercury, as it is not easily available to the public.

Rajiv provided most of the missing links and the police without wasting any time zeroed in on the ‘allies’ who were absconding after the crime. They conducted a vigorous search and finally they were able to nab the culprits. Later after investigating them thoroughly they could find out the entire missing links. The builder’s whereabouts, upon IT officials investigation revealed that he had quite strong underworld connections and Krishnan’s ‘allies’ worked for him. In a period of one month the entire underworld nexus, which ran a high profile racket, was uncovered. This shed many important clues for further missions.

The police owed Rajiv very much. They sought his help in their many other missions and he had become an integral part of the CID, though unofficially. After rewarding Rajiv appropriately, they named him Agent X. Rajiv preferred to remain anonymous to the public for security reasons.


Full name : Agent X

Age : 28

Profession : Scientist in the Indian Forensic Research Center

Place : New Delhi

Nationality : Indian

Marital Status : Single

Hobbies : Solving crimes

Strengths : Bankable Sixth Sense, Ability to negotiate

Skills : Sharp shooting, excellent communication skills

Languages : English, Hindi, French, Spanish, Japanese

Agent X operates in tandem with the CID helping them with the useful clues and works in the Indian Forensic Research Center. Despite many achievements under his belt, he refuses to make himself public.

These are the excerpts from the dairy of a top CID official. The dairy remains a top-secret document to which very few people have access.


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