By now the whole of the country knows what happened to Carlton Towers (Bengaluru) and scores of people working in it. Fire break out is sometimes out of human control. Discussing about the occurrence of fire will only help to track the reason for it. However, what about those people who succumbed to injuries/death by jumping off from that smoke filled tower?  Could it have been avoided? I think, to some extent, yes. The victims certainly could have avoided inviting themselves a sorry end to their life. But how? The answer is comes out in the form of MOCK FIRE DRILLS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


It is such an important aspect of emergency management yet so very neglected.  Had the people undergone that training, today probably they all would have had a second life. Risk management, familiarizing the workers about the hazards to life, teaching them the basics like operation of the fire extinguishers will certainly help to bring down the damage to life and property. People rarely know which extinguisher to operate on what type of fire and forget about acting in emergencies. The technology has developed beyond human imaginations but it remains so unused. Providing audio/visual training about the hazards, training them how to use the breathing equipments like Compressed Air Breathing apparatus/Self Contained Breathing apparatus which helps to reduce the damage due to smoke and  encouraging people to go through some famous case studies  involving accidents will surely make them aware of the various emergencies and develops their presence of mind. If the training makes the people access their due diligence and act consciously during emergencies then why not train them according to the latest safety standards?  However, unfortunately the authorities less care about such things and the workers least bother. Who on earth has the time for trainings which are not used? This is the mindset. So it is neutralized. But one such accident will bring some hot news and as the time passes by, the news gradually dies out. Everything returns to normal. When will ever the MOCK DRILLS gain importance? Hope they soon will….


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