IPL MATCH 19 (KOCHI v/s RCB). Match was being played in Gujarat. (Couldn’t make out which city)  

Lalit Modi had not resigned and was still out there watching the match. He was obliging autographs to cheer girls.

KOCHI 211/5.  20 overs (Sreesanth 117, Shashi Tharoor 64).  Tharoor was in his usual politics dress. I don’t know why Sreesanth was sent to open the batting. But he did a good job though.  

The match was really poised. It was equally balanced and either of the sides could win. There was absolutely no scope for complacency for Royal Challengers Bangalore. The match equation after the strategic time out read

RCB had made a good score (Kallis 38, the other batsman was Shahrukh and he had just come in to the centre). Tharoor was holding a session in the middle of the game. Sunanda was the 12th (wo) man. RCB still had 8 wickets in hand.

ShahRukh was the new recruit for RCB as Kohli was removed from the side because he had too much attitude. The thing he best did was not playing cricket but flaunting off his body tattoos on field. SRK had told Kumble about Kohli’s nuisance and Mallya also thought the same as SRK did. Finally SRK suggested Mallya to remove Kohli and recruit him. Actors Ramya and Venkatesh (I don’t know where Venkatesh came from) also voiced their opinions in his favour. Fortunately there was no bidding carried out and he was recruited with no proper process and sent straight to the field.

There was only one umpire on the field. Kallis was playing very slow. His form was gradually deteriorating. Even after 2 overs of partnership with him SRK had not faced a single delivery. Modi was still giving autographs to every person he met in the stands. Kallis came down the track in the middle and spoke to SRK, probably in Tamil. I couldn’t understand his language. He wanted to exchange his bat with him. He took a single and gave him the strike. This time SRK was facing his first delivery and the bowler was Rehan (I don’t know who he was). He bowled a yorker and SRK was unable to defend and was bowled. I went up to Modi and asked him (in Kannada) to provide SRK a second chance. He did and SRK was back on field. He was eating a pineapple while coming back. No Kochi player objected to it. Tharoor was standing right back on the boundary calling someone and was not at all involved in the match. I can’t recollect who the crowd was cheering for.

As soon as he came back I saw umpire Daryl Harper batting in place of Kallis. He had hit a six but there was no change in the score. Moreover I don’t how the match could continue without a non striker at the other end of the batsman. He was just about to play his second innings when suddenly I woke up. Alas! It was a dream… I was actually waiting (infact sleeping as the match had not begun yet) for the match to begin.

I was sitting and laughing at my funny state when suddenly my mother woke me up as it had hit 8:30 am in the morning. Good heavens!! It was all a dream… Infact I was dreaming in my dream and it was a mix up of different characters in wrong places.

Certainly. Some dreams are really funny. We can do nothing but just let them happen and enjoy. It happened to me probably because I have been seeing too much of IPL stuff (matches, controversies etc) these days.


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