This is one of the best ways to develop patience. When you are stranded in a traffic jam or at a signal waiting for it to turn green just develop the habit of forgiving everything and everyone. But never honk unnecessarily. Nobody wants to stay in the mess but it is some obstacle which is stranding everyone. By honking, you will not only irritate yourself but others also.


One must develop another important driving manner. When you are alerting someone you are approaching, honk from a distance such that you give the person enough time to respond. Always think of his/her reaction time. Don’t honk when you are just behind that person and make his/her heartbeat skip for a moment. And while alerting just tap the horn gently for a fraction of a second. Don’t press it hard and create a noise.

We already have so much noise out everywhere. Never add to it. This is something which an ideal driver does. However, I request everyone to follow it.


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