It was another hot sunny day yesterday when I reached Pune railway station at 11 am. The mercury easily soared to around 40 and I was feeling hotter than the hottest girl around. I was just hoping the journey to Blr be cool and memorable. Because I carry the reputation of making some, hopeless journeys so far (hopeless in terms of the number of girls I meet as fellow travelers). Every traveler on this earth desires and expects the same.  I am no different.

The very first thing I do while boarding the train is checking the reservation chart. I do not look at my name in that list but the names and age of travelers who have seats beside me in my compartment. Precisely speaking, I look for the prefix ‘F’. Then I try to match the age and gender denotations with mine. I always get to see M50, M 60, F 45, F60 and alike. This is the height of rotten luck I have when it comes to making journeys. So far I never had the opportunity to meet a traveler of my age (my age is the primary requirement and my gender is secondary). However, yesterday I did and I determined to make full use of my luck. I took that as a test of my ability. Just under my name in the list, I could see written Meenakshi (F25), destination BLR. My amazement knew no bounds. I immediately said to myself “Never doubt the God’s existence.”

            However, something was even more amazing than having a female (on par age) fellow traveler in my compartment. Apart from her and myself, there was no one else in my compartment. I was expecting the compartment to fill up soon but that did not happen even after the train departed and picked up pace. I least cared about other things as I had got my travel gift I was expecting. In addition, why on earth would I expect more travelers (disturbances rather) when I got what I wanted?   

            The action, as anticipated, begins. She was beautiful. Her very first look made me think she was more mature than I was. I do not know why I felt that. The traveler scarce compartment puzzled her too and she started with the obvious question.

 “Is this S4?”

I replied “haan”

She did not ask me why the compartment was empty. Obviously. Why would she ask me about that? How could she expect that I would know why it was empty? She could have asked. But I think she played it safe, avoiding the conversation with a stranger in a sunsaan compartment. I asked her.

“Kahan jaa rahi hain aap?”

She replied, “I am going to Bangalore.”

Today it is the trend. Every stranger, by default, starts in English even when he/she knows Hindi, which every Indian is required to know. However, I do not understand what is there in English, which is not in Hindi. I always try to break that trend. I get turned off when people reply in English. However, this time I could not help but keep myself turned on.

When I was about to ask her another question her phone rang. She started to speak in Kannada. My god! She knew Kannada. I felt it was a perfect setting for a memorable journey. By the time, I stopped dreaming about the future she had already finished with her conversation and was adjusting her hairs, which kept coming, in front of her eyes because of the wind. She was carrying a sleek and trendy cell phone. That was a marvelous sight.

I asked her “Do you have any idea why the compartment is empty?” (This time I asked in Kannada itself)

She replied “No. Probably they will make it in another 2 stations” (The conversation continued in Kannada. This time I got a more than required reply because of which I felt comfortable).

I again asked her “Are you a resident of BLR.” I was expecting a positive reply. You know why. She replied with something, which I could not hear properly because of a passing chaiwallah yelling chai chai and disturbing us. I told to myself “Have patience.” I did not ask that question again.

I asked, “What do you do?” Simple obvious starting questions they are.

She replied, “I am doing my MBA in Pune but going home on a 3 day vacation.”

I asked “oh… A break from the busy MBA schedule huh?”

She replied, “No, I am going for my sister’s engagement.”

She could not avoid her hairs coming in front of her eyes. Probably she wanted to drag my attention towards her hairs, as they were beautiful. I immediately shot out with a flirtatious compliment “Nice smooth hairs.” Her reply “thanks” was so immediate as if she was longing to hear something good about her hairs. Typical girl.

After about 15 mins of basic chat, she got up and went towards the end of the coach. After another 10 mins she came back with an elderly female. I thought she was her mother. She took her luggage and off she went. May be she was a bit worried to travel alone with a stranger in a mysterious compartment. I was left alone for the rest of the journey. Precisely speaking, my rotten luck continues. The journey has left so many questions unanswered. Who that Meenakshi was? Who that elderly female was? Where did they both go? Why didn’t she return? Why was the compartment empty for the whole of the journey? Why was I a part of this mystery?

Sometimes I feel that she was goddess Meenakshi who had just come to encourage me to be hopeful of meeting a perfect travel companion next time. Let me see what happens next time.

One Response to “A MYSTERIOUS JOURNEY !”
  1. cyberjog says:

    Well one answer to all ur questions:

    You just started very early !…..

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