3 AM… THE SCARIEST NIGHT. I am a fan of horror movies. It is a more or a less a weakness for me. I wouldn’t miss watching a good horror movie for anything in this world. But there haven’t been many horror flicks terrifying enough to test my nerves. So far no horror movie was able to send a chill down my spine until this did. The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Some people call it Exorcist 2 (Exorcist was the first movie. Fiction though). If you have seen the movie Exorcism of Emily Rose you will know it is a real story. Anyway the point is what it did to me.

It was a weekend and I had the day at my leisure (there was no one else other than me but my friend just accompanied for the night. Everyone was supposed to return the next morning from their 2 day trip). The only best thing I do during such times is watch a horror movie. My friend, like me, likes horror movies. It needs a good spooky meaningful story and an equally good direction to make a good horror flick.

But he didn’t join me for the movie as he was feeling sleepy. He slept and I was left alone. I put off all the lights, created a suitable atmosphere, put my cell into silent mode and put the DVD at 12 am exactly (to get the maximum eerie experience).This was an original DVD with uncut scenes and amazing sound effects. I put the speaker to theatre mode. I was just hoping it to be a great cinema hall experience.

The movie, a true story, revolves around a young girl (Annaliese Michel in real life and the role played by Jennifer Carpenter as Emily Rose in the movie) who was possessed by some demons by names Lucifer, Judas, Nero, Cain and Hitler. It was just getting onto the nerves. The sound effects were doing a good job and I was beginning to get more engrossed. The first look of the demon was really terrifying. The portrayal of the devil was something different from the usual horror movie devils. At around 11:30 pm it started raining outside with thunders (as it was the onset of monsoon). Thankfully there was no power cut. It was getting spooky. The movie explains how the Exorcism (an act of forcing the demons out of the body) was carried out on Michel (in real life) and what happened eventually. The demonic incidents always take place at 3 am. The significance of 3 am is that it is the demonic time according to Christian philosophy. It is referred to as the ‘witching hour’.

 Demons mock the holy trinity at 3 am. Because Jesus Christ died at 3 pm and   demons are the opposite of Jesus (god). The Exorcism process ultimately was a failure as the girl had stopped responding to spiritual treatments due to excess medical prescription which reduced her brain’s responding ability. The demons finally ate her completely and won over god. The movie indeed provided the expected experience. It was around 1:45 am when the movie ended. I switched off the TV and went to sleep.

The sleep was something which was hard to come. Some horrifying scenes from the movie passed through my mind again and again. It was still raining outside and the intermittent lightning was just enough to create a post movie spooky atmosphere. The demons still hovered around my mind and I was just scared to walk a step. But I wanted some water. I decided to sleep without it. The power was finally cut off due to increase in the rain and the sound of the thunders seemed louder than before. I shut my eyes and put the ipod music on just to forget the movie. God! The ipod battery didn’t last for more than 2 songs. I was getting frustrated. But somehow I managed to continuously shut my eyes and go to sleep. I was half asleep after sometime and unaware of the time then. The thunder sound was still audible. The rustling of the leaves also came into action. These leaves always contribute to fear. It really went to my head. I crack opened my eyes and had a look at what was happening. As soon as I opened my eyes my sight fell on the chair in front of me in which a teddy bear was kept. Only the outline of the toy was visible. God damn it! This ‘teddy in the dark’ increased my fear exponentially. I immediately shut my eyes. My leg was itching because of the mosquito bite but I was scared even to move, leave alone bending and scratching my leg. I was sleeping like a statue, without a small movement. Sweat started dripping from the neck and forehead because of fear, lack of air and because of the blanket. I was even afraid to take off the blanket. Hell! Why was this happening to me? This went on for sometime and I felt the lack of energy to react.


After sometime I felt a touch on my left foot. It was more or less like a human touch. This was enough to force more sweat out of my already wet body. With great effort I just peeped through my blanket and saw the time in my cell. Holy shit! It was 3:03 AM. Many thoughts passed through my mind in an instant. Was I being possessed? Was I being troubled by a demon because I always made fun of horror movies? I was not even able to scream because of fear. I felt my mouth locked. Now the ‘just touch’ turned into hold. The ‘hold’ was immediately followed by a thunder. This really scared the shit out of me and I was trembling with fear. The blanket slid off automatically exactly as in the movie. I was holding it tight but in vain. My eyes still shut but the breathing was getting faster and heavier. My whole body was soaked in sweat. The ipod fell off from the bed as it was lying on the edge. Damn it! My fear turned audible. I started to cry in fear. This time eyes locked in fear too. Something was advancing on my body though very slowly. In such cases the slowness creates more fear than the fastness. I just feared this was my end. This automatically forced me to scream out of my wits but suddenly my mouth was shut by the DEMON. My eyes opened automatically and saw the DEMON right on my face. That fu****in demon was none other than my friend.

He said “relax yar… it’s only me. Just wanted to test your courage”

 He did test my courage. The whole story was clear in the morning. I just couldn’t believe it happened to me. He had intentions for everything. He brought the DVD so that I watch it. He didn’t join me as he had seen it. He got up at 3 am so that he could scare me. He did it to teach me a lesson because I always made fun of horror movies. It took me quite sometime to regain full consciousness in the morning.


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