The very first thing I want to tell you people is that I am not trying to write a scary story like that of the horror flick ‘1 MISSED CALL’. I have tried to lend a funny touch to my write up here.

Of late I have developed an unusual and childish habit of messaging.  I keep messaging almost 24×7. Of course I have exaggerated it but this is the comment I get from my family members. Anyway that’s not the point. The point is what the content of the message is. I have 2 intentions. Marketing and networking which I abbreviate as MNM (marketing and networking by messaging). Now what do I market and how do I network?  Simple one line answers will be that I market the awareness message written by me, messaged to random unknown numbers and I network (or at least try to network) with people who reply for my message. This sounds absolutely silly for networking wizards but you never know how innovation works.

People who are messagoholic (if that word exists) like me reply asking ‘Who is dis?’ as soon as they receive a message from my number. Because more than the content of the message it is the curiosity to know who has messaged from an unknown number.  If the recipient turns out to be a female then the curiosity has no limits for the person who has messaged. Curiosity thinking about future developments I must say. Because by some little experience I know that most people who reply back in message are girls as they are curious to know about sender but reluctant to call back. So they play it safe and pose their query through a message. As soon as I see on my display ‘1 message received’ my curiosity grows. The sound of the tone of incoming message excites my ears and the display excites my eyes. Then I reply back with networking friendly message like introducing myself and asking about them. But people (sometimes girls or rather dynamic females I must say), who don’t like to message, call back and ask about me.

Some of the usual questions which recipients ask through message are ‘who r u?’, ‘Who gave u my number?’, ‘Where do you live?’ I reply politely with the obvious replies. If I manage to strike the right chord with them then it is good. Networking begins. But people who are reserved and conservative never manage to proceed with networking. I can’t do anything for such people.

Some people reply back appreciating my initiative but don’t have enough interest in networking. Some people appreciate and encourage me to continue the good work I am doing. Getting reply and appreciation is sometimes like Sales. (Of course I am not selling any product). I send the message to 100 people and get reply from 5 to 10 people and appreciation from just a couple of them. Sometimes I really feel demoralized when I don’t get the required reply after having done all the tedious work (messaging in bulk and resulting finger pain). After all every person on this earth craves for some appreciation for his/her good work and I am no different. But I never mind about it and keep doing the good work. As it is an accepted fact “kaam kar. phal ki chinta mat kar”. I can’t agree more.

So at the end of the day it is the not the appreciation which matters for me. Of course I need it but what matters the most for me is the number of people who understand my message and correct their bad habit. After all making people aware is my priority and intention. Appreciation follows on its own.


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