Francis is popularly known (among the police and the forensic community) as Agent X. He is a brilliant person, in his late 20s and has an analytical mind with exceptional ability to connect the missing links to a solution. He has worked in tandem with the police in cracking numerous cases and therefore has … Continue reading


1 MESSAGE RECEIVED.   The very first thing I want to tell you people is that I am not trying to write a scary story like that of the horror flick ‘1 MISSED CALL’. I have tried to lend a funny touch to my write up here. Of late I have developed an unusual and … Continue reading


6529 DOWN MUM-BLR UDYAN EXPRESS     It was another hot sunny day yesterday when I reached Pune railway station at 11 am. The mercury easily soared to around 40 and I was feeling hotter than the hottest girl around. I was just hoping the journey to Blr be cool and memorable. Because I carry the … Continue reading


ANGREZ  Yesterday I was assigned the job of taking my brother’s daughter to the park for her daily evening hang out. As my bhabhi was busy with some work, she handed over me that responsibility. It is actually a Herculean task to manage my brother’s daughter, the task which I didn’t want. She is simple … Continue reading


AWARENESS  ATTENTION: Please avoid putting on your earphones while you are on the road/while driving. This is dangerous to your life as well as others’. You can listen to the FM later but make sure you hear the honking of vehicles first. Don’t risk your life for some music. There has been increasing number of … Continue reading


    HONKING MANNERS This is one of the best ways to develop patience. When you are stranded in a traffic jam or at a signal waiting for it to turn green just develop the habit of forgiving everything and everyone. But never honk unnecessarily. Nobody wants to stay in the mess but it is some obstacle … Continue reading


 SAPNE MEIN DEKHA SAPNA ! IPL MATCH 19 (KOCHI v/s RCB). Match was being played in Gujarat. (Couldn’t make out which city)   Lalit Modi had not resigned and was still out there watching the match. He was obliging autographs to cheer girls. KOCHI 211/5.  20 overs (Sreesanth 117, Shashi Tharoor 64).  Tharoor was in … Continue reading


 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Until the beginning of the 21st century people never knew that they would witness something unbelievable and amazing in the field of media. Social media was something which was totally unheard of a decade ago. It was the age, at least in India, when still advertisements were printed into pamphlets, published in … Continue reading


 NIGHT TREK TO BHIMASHANKAR  The place: Bhimashankar temple near Karjat. Karjat lies in between Bombay and Lonavla. The temple is one of those 12 Jyotirlingas. There are 2 separate routes viz, one for the buses and the other for the trekkers. They are exactly opposite on a hill. The trekking operation was named Wild Prairie. … Continue reading


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             IMPORTANCE OF MOCK DRILL.     By now the whole of the country knows what happened to Carlton Towers (Bengaluru) and scores of people working in it. Fire break out is sometimes out of human control. Discussing about the occurrence of fire will only help to track the reason for it. However, … Continue reading